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Your Gate Coordinator: Ryan

ryanHello everyone. My name is Ryan and I am your Gate Coordinator. This will be my second independent year in this role having shared it with Drake 3 BTWs ago. So I will the first person to great you, most likely, as you arrive at Wisteria’s gates.  I would start off like everyone else and tell you how many years I have been attending BTW but I don’t have my bracelets on to count.


Throughout the gathering you will hear me called many names. I answer to Ryan, Rowan which was my Craft name when I first started attending Between the World, and Roxy. Roxy Codone is my Drag name and you will most likely meet her on the infamous eve of Komos or maybe as the MC for The No Talent Show.


In terms of my Spiritual path I am a Witch who has a love for Green Magick, Herbalism & Kitchen Witchery. I am the Deputy Minister for the Temple of Witchcraft’s Cancer Ministry.  I am also a teacher and co-creator of Drops of Three, an online store.


On a personal note I tend to be a bit of an introvert unless I have the assistance of Roxy or few cocktails so if you see me please say hi. I look forward to seeing my Between the Worlds Family new and old (and I am not just talking about the B.O.O.F.s).

BTW Countdown: 114 days!


Your Community Coordinator: Matt

matt deninnoMatt began attending BTW in 2011 and has been Community Coordinator since 2013. He is passionate about community awareness, spiritual development, and fusing the two. Some of his favorite phrases include “co-created”, “numinous”, “by it’s very definition”, and “now the dancing begins!”

Spiritually, Matt is a member of the Reclaiming tradition, which he glibly describes as “eco-anarcho-hippie witches, intent on changing the world.” With experience in Catholicism, Neo-Paganism, Western ceremonial magic, mysticism, the scientific academy, theater, intentional community, and self-help circles, he appreciates an artfully crafted ritual, but can’t help but ask of magic: “But, did it *work*? And, for what value of ‘work’?”

Matt lives in Portland, OR, and has a job because: Capitalism! He likes games, reading, cooking, and many other pleasant things.

Matt sincerely believes that Between the Worlds is an amazing opportunity for Queer Men who love Men to experience healing, growth (not always pleasant), and joy together and loves to facilitate, support, or empower more men to have and lead those kinds of experiences. Everybody say it with me again: co-created!

BTW Countdown: 118 days!!


Wisteria Work Weekend!

The Memorial Day work weekend at Wisteria is less than a month away! It’s happening May 22-25, and we’d like to get a group together to go down and help our host site improve what they can offer us.

From their website:

Admission is free if you give us five hours of work a day, and the rest of the time is yours. Evenings range from wild nights at Paw Paw, to quiet times listening to the woodland critters.


Love camping with your hard-working friends but hate breaking a sweat? You can skip the work entirely and just pay the open camping fee of $12 a night. Either purchase open camping tickets in advance, or just pay when you show up.

Food is on your own, but we all know how to forage in Athens.

Let us know if you’re coming for it, and we’ll be able to lend a bigger hand!


Your Medical Coordinators: Gentlebear and Jasen

gentlebear Greetings to One-and-All, Gentlebear here. I am your first-aid coordinator for BTW.

I have attended many BTW’s – missing but a few (last miss I was determined to still be there but cardiac by-pass surgery won out: now that I look back — What Was I Thinking?) I have been on Pagan/Eclectic path-journey since 1996 having first attended Pagan Spirit Gathering . Within the Rainbow gathering of Pagan Spirit Gathering – Between the Worlds idea came into being and was born. Has been awesome to see something progress from just being an idea blossoming into what it is today. I have indeed been blessed to be witness to both its birth and growth and to be an active participant in our gathering.

In profession – I am a licensed Registered Nurse both in Ohio and Indiana; practicing since 1988. A really long time. (Dang didn’t realize it has been that long).

Reiki Master as of 2005.

I am a bear – part of the Bear Clan at Between The Worlds — and I give hugs all the time. (Hugs — yeah that’s what we’ll call it).. (Leave me alone – I KNOW what you guys just thought).

I also facilitate a work-shop: Butt Murals … much fun!!

In the realm of healing note- as you process through the gates to the gathering– Healing has already begun. Be it a returning brother – or a first-time attendee, it is a healing that envelopes you regardless of your belief structure and begins to balance you on all levels. (Sometimes the balancing act of the Lord and Lady are significant – and that is what myself and the counselors are all about). We are there to assist you in having a fun, safe and healing adventure to empower you.

Rest assured – throughout the week you will be hugged and I endeavor to most always say hello in passing.

Welcome Home

JasenJasen began attending BTW thank to John and Rus in 2011, and due to circumstances, was asked in his first year to take a role as medical coordinator. He drank the kool-aid and hasn’t looked back since then.

J is a Registered Nurse with experience in emergency care, critical, education, wound care and management, as well as a degree in biology.

Mau Khet follows an Egyptian pantheon path, and spiritually has strengths in elemental work, spell crafting, craft magic and tends to be a deity magnet. He attends BTW with his BFF and mentor, and considers the BTW brothers his big, incestuous Pagan family.

J is originally from Upstate New York, but after BTW 2013, moved to Reno, Nevada with his partner Sam (workshift coordinator). He and Sam are polyamorous and got handfasted at BTW 2014, and recently mundania married. Together they enjoy trickster energy, causing chaos and their two cats Sabin and Ragnarok.

BTW Countdown: 125 days!



Your Work Shift Coordinator: Sam

samSalutations everyone! My name is Sam, I am your work shift coordinator, and happy to be doing so now for my second year. This will be my fourth year at Between the Worlds, and I’m so happy to serve you all, and help better the event.

Spiritually speaking I’m very new, still figuring out my path in the world, and beginning to understand just how magical life can be. My focus has been a shamanic one, working with animal spirits for healing, but I am always learning and adapting my practice. I enjoy listening to people’s stories and getting to know the person and the practice they have.

In mundania, I live in Reno NV with my two partners Jasen and Ray, both who attend this gathering. I’m a hairstylist by trade, and have been licenced for 4 years. I enjoy playing various RPGs, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the gathering, and reading fun fantasy books by a wide range of authors.

Please feel free to stop me at any time of the gathering and strike up a conversation, I’m always happy to make new friends.